October 30, 2012

Kurban Bayram

Dear Readers!
We just returned from a lovely city of Izmir, one biggest city of Turkey, but about this trip I will tell you later.
And  this post I would like to dedicate about  one of great and one of the most important holidays for Muslims
, which  called is Kurban Bayram( Eid al-Adha ) It lasted for  4 days, and this year it fell exactly on 25 October. İyi bayramlar  (Congratulations!!!)

October 23, 2012


This days in Istanbul Sunny and warm. I like walks in the fresh air, inspiration, and breathe in the still summer – warm  air. Today, I was in another famous place which called Ortakoy . I love so much  the sea , embankments, turkish tea  and  delicious kumpir (baked potatoes with stuffed inside)this is all u can find  here !!! My outfit today: black dress , the new red bot and of course my favorite denim jacket with American print.

October 21, 2012

Little Red Сap

Today  my new photos which were made in Asian part of Istanbul, the place which is called Moda and moda is mean fashion!!! (but about it I will prepare another  post )  I don't think long time  the name,  because if you  look my outfit you  will understand all:)  It is the fairy tale about the Little Red cap,  but I wanna say we didn’t meet  the wolf , only a small kitten:)  Do you  like it?

October 19, 2012

In the rhythm of the city

Hi guys! I haven’t written for a long time, I’m fixing it now! So this post about Nishantashi district, kind of luxury place in Istanbul. Here you can meet celebrities and fashion designers! It’s cool, isn’t it? My photos by Dariya Norkina, she’s a photographer. Enjoy the photos!